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Karma is a witch launching on 24-03-18

Karma is a witch

We Prathidhwani are a bunch of like minded youngsters, who are musically bound together to produce unique creative contents. We have come with a new creative content, a ‘First audio podcast series in kannada‘ in association with Namm Radio. This series is a combination of suspense, thriller, horror, murder mystery and various genres. This experiment is a first time for all of us in many ways, yet we have made sure it is no less than a professional quality output. This is a 7+1 episode series. With each scenes and dialogues the listener will get to live the story with the audio environment which we are creating. This is nothing like telling a story, instead a movie like experience without visuals.

Podcast is an online digital series. Which an user can subscribe, listen and can even download. Subscribers will get notifications as soon as we release a new episode through RSS feed.

‘Karma is a witch’ concept, story, dialogues, background score and SFX by Chethan Narayanaswamy. Story Co-developed, manage and promoted by Suraj.. Other voice over artists who are also our team members who have pored all their efforts in building up this concept and producing it are Rakshitha Chethan, Anil N M, Ohileshwari, Vikas, Pavan, Vinay N M and Sunil N M.

We are launching the first episode on 24-03-2018. New episodes will be aired in NammRadio every Saturdays and then on podcast.prathidhwani.com website.

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Karma is a witch theme song

Composed by – Team Prathidhwani
Music arrangements, lyrics and studio works by – Chethan Narayanaswamy
Rhythm designed by – Suraj H M
Guitar by – Pavan Suresh Lenette
Singers – Anil N M, Chethan Narayanaswamy