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Karma is a witch theme song

Composed by – Team Prathidhwani
Music arrangements, lyrics and studio works by – Chethan Narayanaswamy
Rhythm designed by – Suraj H M
Guitar by – Pavan Suresh Lenette
Singers – Anil N M, Chethan Narayanaswamy

10 Replies to “Karma is a witch theme song”

  1. Amazing guys…….👌👌 Keep shining with lots of positivity and waiting for more to come in……………

    Good luck 😊😊 always support you Prathidwani 👏👏👏👏

  2. Firstly congratulations on ua audio podcasting series in kannada!! I adore this mix!! And the rhythm is really captivating!!! All the best guys!!! 😊😊

    1. Thank you.. these kind of specific reviews would help us develop much many better and better contents 🙂 If possible send in your selfie feedback video which we will upload it in our facebook page.. and plz do share.. 🙂

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