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Covers Club EP0.1

A brand new show by Prathidhwani

Prathidhwani presents
Covers Club [Compilation of cover songs by emerging artists]
If you are interested in performing in Covers Club fill in the form below
(An opportunity for all the singers, instrumentalists, bands and technicians)

EP0.1: [Guys Like You | Be intehaan | Ondhe Ondhu Aaseyu]
Cover Credits:
Aditi Srivatsa (Guys Like You)
Aishwarya Jyothi (Be Intehaan)
Anil N M (Ondhe Ondhu Aaseyu)

Programmed by: Chethan Narayanaswamy
Rhythm Designed By: Suraj H M
Recorded at Prathidhwani Studios

Video: Vikas & Suraj (Shot on One Plus 6T)

Special thanks to:
Sunil N M & Pavan for backing vocals

Original Song Credits:
Song: Guys Like You
By: Maroon 5
Label: 222, Interscope

Song: Be Intehaan
Singers : Atif Aslam & Sunidhi Chauhan
Music Director : Pritam
Lyrics Writer : Mayur Puri
Label: Tips Music

Song: Ondhe Ondhu Aaseyu
Singers : S Janaki & SPB
Music Director : Sathyam
Label: SaReGaMa

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